Things to do

Updated on December 2017

NO deadline at all
The things I'm working on are in italicized and bold
The things I have completed are crossed out and red.

Go to every MLB field 
I have been to: Minute Maid(many of times), Old Yankee Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, New Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, AT&T Park
Go to my 1st NHL game 
Saw the LA Kings in LA. It was so fun, It was also my very 1st playoff game too
Go to a World Series
Go to Spring Training
Go to a MLB Home Run Derby
Go to a MLB All-Star Game
Go horseback riding
Shop at the Mall of America
Travel to LA
Go to talk shows (while in LA or/NY)
Meet some stars  
In L.A I met Mark Curry aka Hanging with Mr. Cooper. Saw Scott Baio
Go to Disneyland
Go back to NY (December 2014, June 2015,
Go back to L.A
See my New Orleans go to another Super Bowl and win it
See my Dallas Mavericks go to another NBA Finals and win it
Visit my birth town and Nashville
Go to Memphis and visit family
Do a FULL clean on my room
Clean my closet out and fix it the way I want it to be
Get a small tattoo 
 Pay a strangers tab
Send a care package to a soldier
Write to a soldier
Fall in love
Have kids
Adopt kids
Design and build my home
Get a passport
Travel the World
Travel around the U.S.A
I have been to (besides the places I go alot): NYC, L.A, Seattle, New Jersey, San Fransisco 
Go on a cruise
Be on Big Brother
Ride in a hot air balloon
Visit my Dallas family 
Go to a Mavs game in Dallas or when they are in N.O

Go to another Kings Hockey game(hopefully in Dallas)
Learn how to bake
Take cooking classes
Take a photography class
Go to the Hilton Downtown with my mom and have a little getaway (grandma came too)
Swim with the Dolphins
Do a Home Tour
Rent a beach house for the whole summer
Learn more about the Bible
Read a lot books (I read slow)
Have a cool girlie birthday
Go to Las Vegas
Go to Disney World again
Go on a shopping spree with no budget
Do Paint with a Twist
Go to Country Fest in Nashville
Go to Bayou Country Fest

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