Fitbit Charge 2 and goals

I have always wanted a Fitbit, but I didn't know which one to get. So after all the research, I got the Charge 2. I got it Sunday afternoon and was learning how to do it

My goal is to get back into shape. I want to be able to watch my nephew and niece grow-up.

I want to be healthy. I want to be able to walk without my legs hurting and have to stop alot. I have one bad leg and the other leg is not as bad as the other one. I am going to have to work on them more and stop the hurting. I know most of it is me being out of shape. 

I am still doing Country Heat,drinking the Shakeology and taking the ActiVit

Monday was my 1st full day using it. I walked twice. Once with the dog and once alone. I did pretty good on both, but my motto is ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Today=Tuesday is starting off great

My other goal is to do walking races. I am not a great runner yet, but someday I will get to it. Another motto ONE STEP AT A TIME.

I have to think positive!!!! Get through it and suck it up!!!!

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