Changing programs

Back in January I told you about Thrive. At 1st I enjoyed it and all. Some mornings I became queasy  after taking the pills. There is so many you can do with the smoothie mix. I did loose some weight, gained it back and lost it back. I was getting all depress too

I was watching TV the other and saw a thing about Country Heat  and I have heard about it before. It looked really cool. I love country music and love dancing. So I ordered it. I got 3 samples of Shakeology and the ActiVit , along with the free club of Beachbody 
I got it all yesterday and I started it all today. I did the workout today and OMG, I am so worn out. I still have to learn the moves, but it will take sometime. Some days you will have the same workout plan and other days you will have a different workout plan. Sundays you will rest. 
I am really looking forward to see the end results. I will try to keep y'all updated.
Wish me luck!!!!!!!
P.S I didn't get the containers 

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