Today I am changing my lifestyle..............I am doing this program call THRIVE. My sis-in-law told me about it. She has been doing it and doing wonderful. My brother and I are doing it now
You take 2 pills in the morning, wait 30 minutes. Then do 1/2 a smoothie mix (you can mix it with milk, juice, with fruit) *I did it with 4 ounces of milk and strawberries* While drinking the smoothie or you can do a shake, you put a patch on. This is supposed to give you energy. You DON'T have to change your diet. But eat when you feel hungry or wait for your next meal
Right now my body is getting use to it, so I have some energy, but still a little of tired, but by day 2 I should be fine.  I am doing more things then I normally do during the day haha
I did weigh before doing the smoothie. I can't wait to see the results. 
To learn more......head over to my page @ kellyk781.le-vel.com

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