My AMAZING birthday

Sunday, July 4th was my 35th birthday. It was the best one EVER

My dad took me to the movies and we saw Central Intelligence with The Rock and Kevin Hart. This was a FUNNY movie. So GOOD!!!!

Then I went to my mom and stepdad's house. My grandparents were there too. We were going to dinner at my favorite places. We walked in and my mom headed to the bar for some no reason. Then I saw my nephew, who I haven't seen in a week walking towards me smiling. I picked him up and walked in the bar.......that's when I saw my brother, sil and dad, also some of my friends, it was a SURPRISE PARTY!!!!! My VERY 1st one too!!!! It was so much. I kept smiling all night.  

A HUGE thank you to my amazing sister-in-law and also my mom for throwning me this. My mom said it was mostly my SIL.

Got this amazing gift from my mom. She got this from my dad when I was born. In the locket is me and my brother. I LOVE it so much.  I will cherish it forever.

My YUMMY cake

Our birthdays are 4 days apart

He is a stinker. MY WHOLE LIFE and HEART

Couldn't stop smiling from a great night

My amazing gifts

From my grandparents

From my nephew

From a friend

From my brother and sil

From another friend

From my nephew


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