Lovely letters - January 2016 Sign Ups!

I am joining this.  For more information, go to  i am Mrs. K or My soul called life to join

What is Lovely Letters? 

Originally founded by Esther JuLeeLovely Letters is a Snail Mail and Gift Exchange program focused on building new friendships by sending lovely letters and packages all across the globe, one new friend at a time. This is a program that promotes encouragement, collaboration, friendship, and growth as individuals and as a blogging community. The program’s goal is to help you make new friends you would have never connected with otherwise and to connect bloggers from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures so as to learn from one another. 

In short, we are a community of bloggers who love connecting through the love of sending and receiving snail mail. We believe that letter writing is a dying but wonderful skill to possess and should be practiced often. I hope this serves as an introduction for possibly making a life long snail mail pal

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