Sunday Social

1. Who do you call when you need to vent? My mom, grandma, dad, brother,  SIL or a friend

2. Where do you go when you need alone time? My room. It's peaceful there

3. What is your favorite alone time activity? Watching TV, laying in bed and watch Netflix reading, listing to music

4. What is something we should all stop and read right now?  I have so idea at this moment 

5. Who do you wish would read your blog that doesn’t already? Family? Celeb? I am happy that people are reading this blog 

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  1. I'm glad I discovered your blog today via Sunday Social.

  2. We just got Netflix this past weekend and I was instantly hooked. I think we are already on episode 5 of House of Cards. New guilty pleasure! ;) -Stopping by from Sunday Social.


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