Life lately

I have been so busy lately:
Miss USA is next Sunday and I am so excited about that. I am so looking forward to go. I know this will prob never happened again in Baton Rouge

Trying to find a job. Even though I have 2 wonderful jobs already

I am trying to catch up on Gossip Girl on Netflix. I am only on season 2 and LOVING it. What are your favorite shows on Netflix? Looking for some good ones

Hope all is going well on y'all side. I am sorry I really didn't blog much this past week. Just been so busy. My brother, his wife and my doggie nephew are in town. We are all going to a wedding on Sunday. It's one of my bother's best friends. They have been knowing each other since they were 12. He is in it of course. The girl he is marrying is so nice and very sweet.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will try to blog some more this coming week

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