April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend............

My Easter was wonderful. My mom and stepdad had a crawfish boil on Saturday so we can spend time with my grandparents and their friend. My sister even came. They do it every Saturday the day before Easter. It's fun. 

Me with my stepsister 

Easter girls

Easter pups


Puppies worn out

Me with my mom

My grandma and her Toby

Me with my stepdad

Me with my grandpa

Me with my grandma\best friend

Easter Sunday I made lunch and it was very good. Then we went to go see Draft Day and loved it

Love my dad and baby boy

From my mom and stepdad

From my dad

Later that night my dad and I watched Frozen and LOVED it. I cried in the start, but it was funny. I don't mind watching it again =)

It was a great weekend, but we did miss my brother, SIL and doggie nephew. 

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