Update on my surgery

Last Wednesday, I had pinky surgery. Had to be there at noon. My mom took me. We arrived at 12, signed in and waited for them to call me to do paper work and then waited for them to call me back. They took me in a room, I got changed and got in the bed. They did my BP and other things, before they gave me relaxing meds. I was very nervous. My mom was in the room with me and we just talked some. (mom was in the room with me when I was getting my tonsils out). She is the calm parent lol. My dad and step-dad would have drive me CRAZY haha. I remember them coming in and giving me, what my mom and the nurse calls it, Happy Juice in my IV. Then they rolled me out of the room and brought me in the OR and that's when I could feel the Happy Juice working. I remember waking up and barley hearing them talking and feeling them wrapping my hand. Then they took me in the recovery room and my mom came in. Then they released me and she took me home with her. I ate lunch, because I was so hungry. My dad came to pick me up and we went home. My hand was still numb and I was still tired. It turned out it was a fatty tumor........wow, who knew!!!! I am so glad it's over. I go back on the 31st for a check up.

He knew his mama wasn't feeling good. He stayed by me the whole time

I took the dressing off yesterday and I got queasy when I saw this. I had NOT clue what to expect. I am very protective of it. It's like fragile. 

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