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I LOVE Big Brother, been watching it for along time. Each year there is drama. But this year there is just MORE then drama, there is bullying  and mean sayings by some housemates. Also a girl on the show is the sister of a former player and some are being mean to her because of her sister. She is NOTHING like her sister. COME ON PEOPLE IT"S JUST A GAME!!! Everyone is there do one thing and that's win the money. I watch the shows when they air and then I watch the After Dark shows. The After dark shows are the ones where they attack each other(well some do). It's live and it's pretty cool. I do enjoy watching them. It's my 1st year to watch the After dark because it's on TVGN and not Showtime. 
Here is a video about a few weeks ago what Julie Chen said on her show 
Then on today's show The Talk, this is what Julie Chen had to say about that girl who is the "ring leader"
'Big Brother's' Julie Chen: Aaryn Gries is ignorant, young and immature (ARTICLE) 
This is so so sad, why are people so other people?! We are NOT perfect at all. It makes me so angry how rude and hurtful people are towards other people. 
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  1. Great post BB Buddy. It like that it is on TVGN because you don't have to pay extra, like you do when it was on Showtime. People that don't watch After Dark, the footage for that comes from After Dark you just see it later. I seriously wonder what the parents of these people are thinking. After Dark has so much Aaryn and her comments. They were talking about how After Dark can be rewind, she should realize that is how they make the show and she is the one making herself look bad.


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