Fun day

Today I met up with my friend, Brit from Houston. I also got to meet her sweet little boy, H, for the 1st time. They are down here because her husband is working here for a week. Her son is so sweet like his mama. Always smiling. He is 8 months old

We went to Coyote Blues for lunch. I love this place. It's amazing 

After lunch we headed to LSU and went to see Mike the Tiger!!! Such a pretty beautiful cat. So lay back. It was hot today so he was taking a nap =) He is 7 and those are HUGE paws hahaha

Brit with her son H and Mike

Me with sweet H and Mike

Brit, H and Me 

Brit and H in front of Death Valley

After we left LSU we headed to Hobby Lobby. H loved the mirrors. We were having fun there

It was so great seeing Brit and catching up. Also meeting sweet baby H. I cannot wait to see them again. She is such a great friend. 

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