My awesome 4th of July Birthday

Today I turned 31!!! I love sharing a  Birthday with America.
I am looking forward what 31 brings me.  Hope y'all had a great and safe 4th of July 

Here are some pictures from my Birthday:

Tuesday my dad took me to Cheesecake Bistro for dinner. Had a great time. The food was amazing and so was the cheesecake......... raspberry white choc 

Today my dad took me to McDonald's for breakfast. Then after breakfast, I got ready to head to my mom and stepdad's for some swimming and food

I wanted a cupcake for my birthday instead of a cake, so they got me one. It was very good. They also got me some pretty flowers and a pretty vase. 

Had to share this picture of my mom's girl yorkie in her cute tutu

The amazing food 

Me with my Birthday cupcake

Chilling in the pool after lunch

Mom's yorkies swimming.

Pretty cool picture of a firework that I took

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