College baseball comes to an end.......well for my brother's team at least =*(

Wednesday was the 1st game and lost to a bad team. A team we SHOULD HAVE NOT lost to. So that put us in the loosing bracket, which mean EARLY games.

 I was so happy that one of the parent's of a player that I met earlier this season came down with her husband. They are from Cali and their son is a SR. 

 Getting ready for game 1

My brother is #32..............he is the pitching coach

 Thursday at 9 am we were the visitors. The pitcher that started did an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!!

After the game pictures!!!

My brother with his catcher

So proud of my brother

The catcher and his dad

Me, my dad and my brother. I love them very much

Me with the sweet coach

The winning pitcher..........he was OUTSTANDING

Friday we had a double header. We won the 1st game(barley) and lost the 2nd game which ended the season. As the coach said "They never gave up, they fought till the end" It's VERY VERY true. I am so so proud of these guys!!! They will always be apart of my family 

Saying goodbye is the hardest thing ever

We all said goodbye to each other, because this maybe the last time we all see each other ever again. These players will always and forever be apart of my family. Also their amazing families. BUNCH OF AMAZING GROUP OF GUYS!!! Hope my brother goes back and coach their again

(down below is a letter that I wrote to the players and families)

Here is the letter I wrote to the players and their families on FB
SU Baseball will always and forever be apart of my life. They were a bunch of AMAZING group of guys that I will NEVER EVER forget and also their AMAZING families. Love you all very much and hope to be back rooting for the SU JAGS next year. To the SR's, best of luck in the feature. Great season boys. I am so proud of each and everyone of y'all.

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  1. All the pictures were great however I must admit the very end with the letter was the best part! So cute :)


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