College baseball opening weekend

This past weekend my brother's team got invited to Houston, Texas for the MLB Urban Youth Invitation. They played at Minute Maid, home of the Houston Astros. It was pretty amazing. The boys had a great wonderful time. Meeting some amazing people as well. Here are a few pictures.
I took over 200, will not post 200 haha. 

The 1st night my dad and I headed to the Galleria to walks around and have dinner. We at at the Rainforest Cafe and it was great. It was pretty cool inside as well, also my 1st time there.

The next day we woke up at 6:15 for an 8:00 game. The game was supposed to be out doors, but it was raining so they had it indoors at the Houston Astros Park. They were the 1st game to be playing in Division 1 baseball, which was pretty cool. 

They won the 1st game 

For lunch we went to California Pizza Kitchen and had the California club pizza which was AMAZING.....1st time there also

Friday night, my dad, brother and I headed to the Timberwolves\Rockets game just to do something. It was pretty cool. As a Mavs fan, I did NOT pull for the Rockets lol. I was sad that one of the Wolves player, former Mavs player, didn't travel with the team. I had fun still.

We were wayyyyyyyyyyy up

Me after the game

 Downtown Houston

Saturday it was still raining so they played at Minute Maid again....they were on the MLB Network and wore their jerseys that I so LOVE. It was too bad that they didn't win

#22, my brother (one of the coaches)

Me with one of the sweet parents. She was so funny.

One of our player's families. They were so cool.


SU's coach

 Sunday breakfast,Texas shape Belgium Waffle

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day and our last day there. The roof was even opened 

They won (2-1 was their record that weekend)

Me leaving the ballpark

Looking forward for the rest of the season and hope to meet more amazing people this season. I am so proud of my brother of what he is doing.............coaching. VERY PROUD SISTER HERE

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