Saturday was my Grandpa's 77th birthday. My mom, stepdad and I headed out of town to go to dinner with my Grandpa and Grandma and some of their friends that night. 

Me with my 2 favorite yorkies before going

 Mom with her good child.........so she says

Sophie Marie


Grandparent's house

Grandpa's cake(it was gooooood)

One of Grandparent's dog

Sophie Marie 
 LSU smoked the Florida Gators

My grandma at dinner

Mom and stepdad

Grandpa's gifts

 Happy Birthday Grandpa

My beautiful family 
*missing my brother and sister*

 Grandma and her friend

Sunday we had a Saints party at Grandparents house and had a BLAST!!!! 
They beat the Panthers!!!!!! Who Dat Baby!!!!

Rocky ready for the Saints game

 Ready for the game

Little cutie

Brother and Sister

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!!!!  Have a great week ahead of y'all

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  1. so so many cute lovely little pictures.... They truly are adorable :) have a great week!


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