I am very proud of my brother

You can call me a baseball sister, a PROUD baseball sister. A supportive baseball sister
(I have been one ever since he played Tee-ball and will continue to be one)

I am my brother's BIGGEST fans, well besides my parents, stepdad and grandparents

My brother played baseball ALL OF HIS LIFE!!! A few years ago he had to have surgery, which ended his chance to pitch in Professional Baseball.
So after he went to rehab for his arm, he decided he wanted to be a pitching coach for college and high school. He LOVES LOVES what he is doing. He LOVES helping young pitchers for-fill their dreams!!!!

Some of the pitchers he worked with got drafted and they are now in the Minors!!! They keep in touch with him and tell him how they did.............that really makes my brother so proud!!!!

(A dad of a former player made this amazing flyer)

This very nice introduction was written by the Head Baseball Coach where my brother will be working this baseball season (2012)

It is with great pleasure that I announce the addition to the coaching staff... Chris King will be our new pitching coach. Coach King will add a dimension to the staff. His pitching experience and knowledge is vast, and I have great expectations for our pitchers as result. Please welcome Coach King to the Jaguar Nation!

It goes on saying: Coach King also can support all the future Jaguar pitchers... starting at 8 years old to high school players. You upcoming pitchers needing instruction... give Coach King a call or email today!!!

Yes I am getting all teary eye writing this, but they are happy tears for darn sure!!!!

We love you Chris and we are so proud of you.
We know this is what you LOVE doing!!!! Love your family

(our newest team that we have to pull for in college baseball)


Looking forward to hear from you =)