My AMAZING weekend

This weekend was AMAZING. Saturday my mom, grandma and I went to the Hilton Downton for Girl's Night Out. It was a birthday gift from my mom (b-day was July 4th).

We got to the hotel around 3, checked in and headed to our room. Chilled out for awhile, drink, snack, told stories, laughed and had a great time. Then we headed to the drink\food lounge, ate and drink again and talked some too. The lounge was only for our floor, so it was soooo cool

Our view from the room

The Mississippi Bridge behind me

At night time

Then we headed to the Kingfish Lounge and had a few drinks. We had a GREAT time. I know my grandma did =) We met so many great people, talked to a few, had drinks with some.

 One of many martini's I had

 With grandma

Having a great time at the Kingfish lounge

Grandma, me and my mom

She is not only my grandma, she is my best friend

She is not only my mom, she is my best friend

 We got robes and slippers too

The next morning getting ready to head back home

This weekend was AMAZING and REALXING!!! Such great times with my 2 favorite ladies in this world.

Cannot wait to have another Girl's Night Out!!! Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!!

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