My 4th of July Birthday

Yesterday I said good-bye to my 20's and today I said hello to my 30's. I cannot wait to see what my 30's will be like. My 20's was pretty good. Some ups and some downs.

Today was an amazing day, it all started my dad and I went to breakfast like we do every year. Had a great time. Then we got home, relax a little watch the Casey Anthony Trial (lol)

Then my mom, stepdad and brother took me to lunch at Zea's.  It was fun. Had a wonderful lunch and then a wonderful dessert:

Me with my amazing mom

Then after lunch, they dopped my brother and I off at home. I was so so full, so I realx some and yes watch the trial...........some before heading to my mom's to go swiming

My little boy wished me a Happy Birthday his style lol
*I love love this picture*

Got back home my dad cooked for us. We had steak, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner. It was so good. Then we had cookies and ice cream.  Right now I am listing to the fireworks in my neighbourhood!!!

Thank you for all the amazing Birthday wishes on my previous post.
I have such wonderful blogger friends

Hope each of y'all had a great\safe 4th of July as well!!!

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