Getting close

The Royal Wedding that is. I have snacks, coffee, diet cokes, my blanket, my computer, phone\charger and my glasses and I will be camping out in the Living Room. Oh I also have the program printed out. I will be sure to do some of these. I am NOT missing this wedding.  Whoever else is staying up and watching the wedding, hope y'all enjoy as well!!! Cannot wait to see Kate's dress. I know it will be so beautiful like her. 

(the newest picture)


  1. I will be going to sleep very early today and waking up at 2am! Then going back to bed after the wedding! I am so with you, I can't wait to see the dress!

  2. I can barely move. WOke up with a scratchy throat and now I can barely move. I'm camped out on the sofa watching the making of a royal wedding on TLC- no voice, fever- ugh. Don't think I'll make it to 2am! Thinking of you!


Looking forward to hear from you =)