Buzz over Pippa Middleton’s wedding date

The Middleton sisters know how to pick 'em. Kate may be marrying a prince, but sibling Pippa is rumored to have a hot date of her own for Friday's main event: 30-year-old Alex Loudon, formerly the Derek Jeter of Cricket, is expected to escort the maid of honor to the wedding of the millennium.
A few thing you should know about Loudon, besides his score of '11' on the 1-10 hotness scale.

1. He and William go way back. They first met as students at Eton, (the prestigious boys' school).
2. According to the London Times, he "caught the imagination of the England selectors when they heard that he was working on a doosra, the off spinner’s version of the googly." That means he's either really amazing at cricket, or making macaroni art.

3. He retired from the pro cricket scene in 2007 to pursue his MBA at the London Business School. He's currently a stock trader.

4. He's no prince, but he does come from an aristocratic English family.
5. He's reportedly been dating Pippa since Christmas, but the wedding would be their first big public outing together. Can you imagine popping that question to a new boyfriend? "Want to come with me to my sister's wedding? It's no big deal, really. You've got a top hat and a tailcoat, right?"

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