Prince William will not wear a wedding band

Another day, another piece of Royal Wedding-related news concerning a "controversy" related to the April 29 event which revolves around a small detail

A palace spokeswoman confirmed that Prince William will not be wearing a wedding band. We know. We offer you a digital tissue in this time of great duress.
"There is only going to be one ring, in accordance with the couple's wishes," the spokeswoman tells People.com.

Middleton, however, will sport a wedding band. And not just any wedding band, mind you, but one made of Welsh gold. Apparently the Queen has a "tiny amount" of gold mined from the Welsh mountains stored away in the royal vaults. An "expert craftsman" has reportedly been tasked with turning a nugget of this gold into a wedding band for Middleton.

Perhaps the biggest losers here are the Royal Wedding memorabilia overlords, who no doubt could have made a great deal from "Miniature Prince William Wedding Bands" and such.



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  2. My hubs won't wear a wedding band. In fact, he lost it. But he said if he had another one he'd "wear it on special occasions"! ha!


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