December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 (Lots of pictures)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your love ones as I did.

Thursday night: My brother and I had Christmas with our dad since we wouldn't be there with him on Christmas Eve night or Christmas Day. I got 2 Amazon Gift Cards and 2 games for my DS.

My sister and her boyfriend arrived at my mom's and her dad's house. My brother and I came over. It was the 1st we have met her boyfriend, so we all had a great time. She brought her dog, who played with my moms 5. They all got along, which was great.

Everyone having a great time

My sister with my mom and stepdad's dog(Ozzy)

All the dogs playing

I miss her so much

 Christmas Eve: My mom called me and my brother to come over to her house to opened gifts with my sister, her bf, her and my step-dad. It was great, got some neat things. Then my brother headed to work, I went home and got ready to head to the Grandparents house.

Me and my sister on the way to our Grandparents house

When we got to the Grandparents, we opened gifts and took Family Photo's and also ate some. My sister and her boyfriend had to leave to go to her mom's house and then his family's the next day

My Grandparents wonderful tree as always

I wanted to take some family pictures, since we are never all together at once
Me with my amazing family

 Me with my amazing siblings

The Grandparents with the Grandkids

My sister with her boyfriend

 My brother and sister

Me and my sister

My grandma\best friend and her dogs


Her mantle

 One of the gifts I gave her

My Grandpa and Stepdad
(Frick and Frack hahaha)

Opening the same gift


Me and Chloe

 Grandma's Mardi Gras things

Me and my mom

Sitting by the fire outside

Christmas Day: We woke up and chilled some. We got all ready to start Christmas Day, which was really cold and rainy. Even the dogs got put on their Christmas clothes. One of their amazing friends came over to have Christmas lunch with us.




Me in front of the tree

 Me and my stepdad

Hanging out

Grandma's table before Christmas lunch

 Grandma's table ready for Christmas lunch

Still hard to believe that New Year's Eve is THIS FRIDAY!!!!