December 5, 2009

Getting the tree and Santa in our neighbourhood

Today we went to get a tree (a real one) at Lowes and new ornaments, they are very very pretty and a new skirt!! I cannot wait to decorate tomorrow(Sunday)

Also Santa came in our neighbourhood

We also had snow last night, check out the pics in the post down below from this one

Hope y'all are having a great weekend so far

Dad getting the tree out

I cannot wait to put them up
(gold and red)

LOVE the skirt

1 box of 4

What a nice brother

"Is it straight?"

In the stand

Santa is coming

Getting close

Helloooo Santa


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  1. Haha. When I lived with my mom Santa would come by too! It was cute =) as well as the elephants for the circus but thats irrelevant lol