December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas Eve, we all met up at my grandparents house and open gifts. After that my little sister had to leave so she can go see her boyfriend. It was great seeing her while she was there.

Later that night, we headed to my grandparents friends house and they had a party with friends and family. We opened more gifts, ate and had a great time. I got to saw my friends, that I only seen at the Mardi Gras balls. Our grandparents are great friends. After the party we headed back to the grandparents. My brother, grandparents and I stayed up and talked like always on Christmas Eve. It was a great night.

Christmas Day was great too. Some of us slept in and stayed in our PJ's most of the day. My brother left early, because he wanted to head back to Baton Rouge and see his friend and his family. This Christmas was very very hard on them, cause they lost a dear family memeber this month.

Around 3:00 we had a party\dinner, where some of my grandparents friends came by. We opened MORE gifts , ate, drink, laughed and had a great time.

I did miss my brother and my sister not being there. I wished they were both there.
Well I hope you and your love ones had a great and wonderful Holiday. Here are a few photos

my grandma's house
the girls

The Lanier girls and their mom

Allison and me

Best Friends
putting more food out

The Lanier girls with their mom and grandma

Mothers and Daughters

Rocky wanted to help

Me with my BFF, my wonderful grandma



me and my wonderful granddad

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